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Every girls dream...

Every guy thoughts every girls' dream is to find the perfect guy. Every girls' dream is to eat without getting fat!

Im not very nice when im hungry.

39 New Funny Quotes You're Going To Love. Hell hath no fury when I'm slightly inconvenienced and hungry

I don't even struggle with myself at this point.

Here is collection of some really dirty and inapprpriate quotes, warning… don’t reproduce them in home


I do this to people when I'm drunk. Mostly people names Roxanne. Thankfully the only song I've ever heard my name in is a slow country song that most don't know and wouldn't sing.

Why is this so true? #lol

Now ain't that the truth! Now ain't that the truth! Now ain't that the truth!

Suspicious... @rebelcircus

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When people tell me "you're gonna regret that in the morning" I sleep in until noon, because I'm a problem solver. Not that I ever could sleep till noon

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this is so sad but true. except for one thing. I waste lots more than an hour.


but I AM hilarious! I crack me up all the time. If anyone ever puts a camera in here I will be put away for laughing at nothing all the time. I cry hard and I laugh hard.


I'm pretty sire I had a good time last night. Let me finish reading the police report and I'll let you know.

...& it's dark, and you forgot to leave the lights on & the key suddenly won't fit!!   I Hate that!!  hehe

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