Synthetic dreadlocks wig.

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Cyberlox Dreads Falls UV Blue and Silver

Cyberlox hair falls or cyber dreadlox falls are a great addition to your clubbing and rave outfit.

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The loose bun has been a popular bridal hair style as of late, but there’s no reason for your bun to be boring. Either high or low, slicked or teased, the variations on your classic bun are endless.

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Put hair into desired width squares. Use ControlForce or AirControl dry spray as desired. Back comb the sections individually. Roll/twist the hair between your palms. (Tight twists for long lasting 'permanent') (Loose twists for temporary)

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Sparkly Wool Dreads - "Pumpkin Glaze" (Total Length = Orange Auburn Brown Double-Ended Dreadlocks

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Her locs is nice

Gorgeous dark skinned Black woman with locs, orange vibrancy top and African head band.