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Mistério: o que criou o 'Ninho da Águia' na Sibéria?

The Mysterious Cones of the Egyptian Desert

Mysterious Cones

Pedras que parecem andar sozinhas

These rocks in Death Valley seem to frequently have races. It seems to be a combination of the wind, water and ground movement.


The Chocolate Hills, Bohol, Philippines

The mysterious stone balls of Costa Rica

Mysterious statues VINCA: Evidence of Alien Contact?

Neolithic Site of Choirokoitia (Cyprus). 'This Unesco World Heritage Site is one of the most important and best-preserved prehistoric settlements in the Mediterranean. It dates to around 7000 BC and offers an incredible insight into the lives and living conditions of some of the first Cypriots.'

In 1949, geologist Vadim Kolpakov set off on an expedition to Siberia, not realizing that he was about to discover one of the strangest unsolved mysteries in the world: the Patomskiy crater. As Kolpakov traveled deep into almost uncharted territory, the local Yakut people warned him not to go on, explaining that there was an evil place deep in the woods that even the animals avoided. They called it the “Fire Eagle Nest” and claimed that people would start to... .