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1972 Ford Escort - RS1600 Race car ex Vince Woodman 2.0 BDG

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Ford Escort, Rally

Alan Mann Escort, A libré vermelha e ouro clássico Alan Mann que compete caída sobre as linhas intemporais de um Escort MK1 britânico Saloon Car Championship preparado feitos um para o dos mais belos carros de turismo no início de todos os tempos. Frank Gardner torceu o pescoço do motor twin-cam para ganhar a 1968 BSCC.

The 9 best Ford touring cars of all time - Motorsport Retro

ford escort broadspeed | Ford Escort mk1 & mk2 (1968-1980) [Topic officiel] - Page : 93 ...

Ford Escort & [Topic officiel] - Page : 93 - Oldies - Anciennes - FORUM Collections

Ford Escort Mk 1

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Fitzpatrick racing cars | John Fitzpatrick, Ford Anglia

Fitzpatrick racing cars | John Fitzpatrick, Ford Anglia

Ford Escort Mk1. This one is powered by a Honda S2000 engine.

Ford Escort Targa Newfoundland Honda Power Vintage Race Rally Car For Sale Front

Ford Escort XR3i

This is a More European Flavor of Ford

This is a More European Flavor of Ford - Petrolicious

Zakspeed Ford Escort MK2 BDA with PERFECT sound

4 Ford Escort at Oberhallau Switzerland. One of MPZ´s favorite cars ;

Escort MkI GTAM

Escort MkI GTAM