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This 1870s lithograph from an unidentified gazetteer for the state of Pennsylvania shows the interior of the printing office of "The Review and Examiner" newspaper, published in Washington, Pennsylvania, just south of Pittsburgh. The men in aprons and dapper hats run the presses, fold pages, and move trays of type in the tidy (and unbelievably clean) press room.

William Caslon – A specimen of printing types (1785)

Huldra Press - Philadelphia

Vista de la minerva de plato, modelo «Boston», de uno de los chivaletes y de lo que parece un comodín para blancos.

greenboathouse press- inside the studio #letterpress

Albion Printing Press / Frederick Ullmer Ltd. by typesticker, via Flickr

Carl Montford. Printing Press. Woodengraving. 4 x 3 inches. $100