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I'm done...I've never been so mind blown!

Some Very Small Epiphanies That Will Change Your Outlook On Everyday Life. some of these are hilarious! The one about the spider though o.

Just shower thoughts... - 9GAG

Just shower thoughts...

Just shower thoughts. if someone farts at a poker tournament, no one will know…

This makes me so upset

Funny pictures about The secret of periods. Oh, and cool pics about The secret of periods. Also, The secret of periods.

Ahahaha well, dead serious because they took the game dead serious

what /// do you ever have trouble telling a just shower thoughts post from a real shower thoughts post

OMG I GOT A STORY so I was in and my friend decided to sit on my foot and I screamed really loud and the whole gym could hear bc it got really quiet so long story short I am a trash bin?

Brooklyn Nine Nine

Brooklyn Nine Nine

"My life is basically just a constant cycle of finally getting past the thing I was stressing out about and then immediately finding something else to stress me out even if it isn't happening for another 4 months"

sʜᴇ·s ᴜɴʀᴇᴀᴅᴀʙʟᴇ ʙᴄ sʜᴇ ᴅᴏᴇsɴ·ᴛ ᴡᴀɴᴛ ᴛᴏ ʙᴇ ʀᴇᴀᴅ ✧

Wondering why there is a but? Not because its sexist but because its unfair on men no man will ever have power.

mama: i just realized that "never" is a contraction of "not ever" and "blush" is a contraction of blood rush" also "studying" is a contraction o contractions

My youth group did this as a fundraiser! It's called Flocking! We would dress in all black and set up the flamingoes in people's lawns. It's a lot of fun, I highly recommend it as a fundraiser!

deeeeeep thinking

Except that the distance wouldn't change, so we would absolutely notice and probably die BC the sun would destroy us. Everything gets bigger, including distance

I hate when i walk into class late and everyone just turns and stares at me like i killed two people when i obviously killed seven

This honestly sounds like somethin I would do.

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

This was me with the English solo talk I wrote 10 minutes before class in the random topic of earthquakes