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LIFE HACKS -- 6 Ways to Open a Bottle without an opener

Quick and Simple Life Hacks — Beer Edition. We will show you 6 ways to open a bottle just in case you lost your opener. How to open a beer with a Counter Top – Place the seam of the cap along a hard edge that don’t be damaged and give the bottle a …

8 Simple Barn Hacks To Make Life Easier « HORSE NATION

A Few More Life Hacks To Make Your Life A Little Easier.please LikePlease like even if you only enjoyed one of these life hacks.

These life hacks will definitely come in handy.10 Life Hacks Everyone Must Know - #lifehacks #inhollywoodtv

10 Life Hacks Everyone Must Know

15 Simple Life Hacks

Carpet Cleaning, Gilbert ArizonaA little something different today. Wanted to share some life hacks.

Sally - Put a strip of foil under the ironing board cover and iron away. With the reflected heat from the foil, you don't have to iron the other side, since you'll be ironing both sides at once.

Cut Your Ironing Time in Half with Aluminum Foil

This quick video demonstrates how a simple sheet of aluminum foil can make that tedious chore of ironing much faster.

How to hack an elevator  - funny pictures #funnypictures

How to use an elevator without stopping. Hold close door button til doors close. keep holding Select floor & do not let go of number & close door button til elevator moves. This will allow you to go straight to that floor without any stops.

HouseholdHacker - YouTube

Quick and Simple Life Hacks - Part 7 Tons of helpfull hints to make your everyday life easier.

7 Genius Uses For Salt You Never Learned Before -

7 Genius Uses For Salt You Never Learned Before

HouseholdHacker takes us through 7 salt hacks anyone can easily perform in any home or apartment. It is great for cleaning, removi.

He Saws Through The Bottom Of It. I'm Doing This The Next Time I Have Ice Cream

7 Food Life Hacks Video Description Check out this crazy prank that was pulled on me by Ownage Pranks and Dennis Roady: More life hacks –