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Ol' Dirty Bastard (R.I.P.) | Wu-Tang Clan

02 Feb New York State, USA --- Russell Jones, better known as Ol' Dirty Bastard (ODB) was a member of the multi-platinum rap group, Wu-Tang Clan. ODB passed away November --- Image by © Chi Modu/Diverse Images/Corbis

OL' DIRTY BASTARD. "Everyday, like probably three times a day, I'd jerk my dick off so much that the prisoners would say: YO! Ol' Dirty! Chill the fuck out". ODB on how to spend quality time in jail. Ha ha ha!

Today in Hip Hop History: Ol’ Dirty Bastard was born November 1968

Old Dirty Bastard

Rap artist Ol' Dirty Bastard, (real name Russell Jones),


RT “First things first man you’re fucking with the worst / I’ll be sticking pins in your head like a fuckin nurse” - ODB …

GZA, Meth, U-God.

Wu-Tang Clan London / I’ll fuckin cut your eyelids off and feed you nothing but sleeping pills. ill fuckin cut ur knee caps off.make u kneel in some staircase piss

The RZA!!

'Catch the Beat' The Roots of Punk and Hip Hop Photographs by Janette Beckman & David Corio.

Wu-Tang Clanの記録と記憶 | VICE JAPAN

Wu-Tang Clanの記録と記憶

It took British photographer Eddie Otchere 10 years to capture the 10 MC's of the Wu.

Monday night rapper DMX was rushed to the hospital after collapsing at his hotel in Yonkers, NY. Reports were initially saying the collapse was due to a really bad asthma attack, but now it’s looking like it may have been an overdose! According to TMZ, 45-year-old DMX was found not breathing and without a pulse …

DMX came out with a good bang in the A lot of people liked him, mostly his music was hard and hostile, but people liked it. Hard and hostile was his personality, and never changed it.

Method Man ☆ Wu-Tang Clan

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