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Lucy was always getting into trouble with her antics and "splainin" to her husband Ricky.

Top 10 Best I Love Lucy Quotes

Top 10 Best I Love Lucy Quotes OMG you've gotta look at these! 10 reasons why I love I Love Lucy.

I Love Lucy One of the best lines.

Ricky - "What do you want me to do, starve to death?" Lucy - "Would you, please?" One of my favorite quotes of all times. I use it probably on an everyday basis.

Shout out to people who ask before posting pictures online. Father just did this to me, during hair bleaching and blue toner on hair phase.

I Love my monkeys

That awful moment when you realize this IS your circus and those ARE your monkeys. Lucille Ball, I Love Lucy!

When Lucy wasn't ready to let little Ricky go to preschool

I Love Lucy is the best comedy show ever made. :D :D Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz, I Love Lucy ‘Nursery School’ season 5 Lucy is trying to keep Ricky from sending Little Ricky to nursery school.

would you like a piece of rock, Mr. Candy? LOL, Ethel!

I Love Lucy. ahhhh, Rock Hudson, i& havebeen lucky to sound half as intelligent as Ethel.


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Is this what your work week looks like?

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Lol I love lucy. Did anyone else read this in Ricky and Lucy's voice?

Barbie Lucy - I Love Lucy é uma das mais aclamadas e populares comédias da televisão norte-americana, estrelada por Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Vivian Vance e William Frawley. A série foi ao ar de 15 de outubro de 1951 a 1 de abril de 1960 na CBS.

In the memorable “Sales Resistance”™ episode originally broadcast in Fred, Ethel and Ricky reminisce about a sales experience. Ricky was upset because Lucy had made a frivolous purchase when she saw an ad on TV.