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刘继卣工笔画 《大闹天宫》 He is Sun Wukong, the Great Sage Equaling Heaven, who made havoc in Heaven.

Dragon-Mythical Being-Scales-Winged Reptile. Find more on the "Creativity+Fantasy" board.

dragon_heads_for_jesse__by_oddosprey-d94ug4v.jpg (1253×5000)

Here I have saved various dragon head drawings. These are bigger built dragons that live in different conditions. Some of these I could adapt to underground conditions.

Bakemono Zukushi - Japanese monsters

Bakemono Zukushi – Japanese monsters from the Edo period

Akashita, hides in dark clouds before they attack from the Bakemono Zukushi ("monster scroll")

Hiroshi Hirakawa, Tattoo woman and octopus

On his site where the renowned tattoo artist Hiroshi Hirakawa presents his works he uses the subtitle 'The Giga World'. Giga refers to a tradition of carica

Kuniyoshi, Yendo Musha Morito holding the Head of Kesa-Gozen-Kuniyoshi, Yendo Musha Morito holding the Head of Kesa-Gozen among Falling Maple Leaves, Mongaku, Endo Morito, Kesa Gozen, musha-e, ukiyo-e, japanese woodblock prints, japanese prints

dressrehearsalrag: “ Kuniyoshi, Yendô Musha Moritô holding up Kesa-gozen’s severed head in the moonlight among falling maple leaves, c.

Illustrated Book of Japanese Monsters by Gojin Ishihara: Rashomon no oni (ogre of Rashomon Gate)

Rashōmon no oni (ogre of Rashōmon Gate), Illustrated Book of Japanese Monsters, 1972

corporalsteiner:  毒殺された女のうらみ 「四谷怪談」より え/石原豪人

corporalsteiner: 毒殺された女のうらみ 「四谷怪談」より え/石原豪人

BLから学習百科まで“分野を問わず何でも描く”石原豪人先生の挿絵の数々がエロ素晴らしい - Togetterまとめ

BLから学習百科まで“分野を問わず何でも描く”石原豪人先生の挿絵の数々がエロ素晴らしい - Togetterまとめ

Utagawa Kuniyoshi

Utagawa Kuniyoshi: Hangami Danjo-no-jo Arakage killing a giant salamander in the Tontagawa river in the province of Izumo (Edo period, woodblock print).