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Fotógrafo mostra beleza de região com 160 vulcões na Rússia

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La indómita belleza de los volcanes de Kamchatka

La mañana al pie del volcán

Штиль перед грозой. by Dementievskiy Ivan.

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Fotógrafo mostra beleza de região com 160 vulcões na Rússia

Ivan Dementievskiy, um fotógrafo do serviço russo da BBC, enviou imagens de Kamchatka, península região no extremo leste da Rússia famosa por seu cinturão de vulcões.

Klyuchevskaya Sopka Mountain - Russia Photo by Ivan Dementievskiy João Miguel Alves Pestana The image was manipulated... the real is this one:

Yeah, this one is a real... stretch. It didn't look right from the start. As if mountains with lenticular clouds aren't amazing enough! As it turns out, it is a somewhat less precipitous volcano at Klyuchevskaya Sopka in Russia, a photo taken by Ivan Dementievskiy.

Temperatures the second weekend of December in Yakutia are well below -30° Celsius (-22° F), that is, warm. Ordinarily, this time of year, temperatures drop to around -50 C. One can get used to anything. Besides, thermal underwear, a hat, down parka and gloves will not allow you to perish on the frozen streets.

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Breathtaking Pictures of Cloud Formations

Breathtaking Pictures of Cloud Formations This is from a series of photos of unusual cloud formations published by 123 Inspiration. You can find the others on their board. I liked this one the most.