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<p>This is a great site about analyzing informational texts. It introduces you to the 'THIEVES' strategy, has slideshows about text features, and also has a handout you can print out.</p>

<p>Here is a set of flashcards to go through with terms used in analyzing informational text.</p>

<p>This video has a rap and slideshow about text features used in informational texts. Text features include: captions, subheadings, bulleted lists, titles, and sidebars.</p>

<p>This video introduces five easy steps you can follow when reading non-fiction texts. The steps are:</p><ol><li>Preview</li><li>Skim</li><li>Explore</li><li>Read Actively</li><li>Rescan</li></ol>

<p>This article explains what anecdotes are and gives an example of one.</p>