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bothsidesguys: JOHNUNDERCOVER  2016SS. undercoverism.com

JohnUNDERCOVER finally distinguishes itself from the UNDERCOVER mainline, using an understated color palette and straight-forward concepts.


JohnUNDERCOVER Drops Fresh Spring/Summer 2016 Lookbook

The seasonal looks include khaki-colored outerwear, navy shirting, graphically emblazoned jackets, and a subdued range of accessories.

Style inspiration @ StyleGuide.click #style #fashion #inspiration #shopping #makeup #outfits #whowhatwear #luxury #gentleman http://www.styleguide.click/johnundercover-fw17-4/

A daily curation of mens style. Trotter (fr/Trotteur): fetcher and carrier: messenger.

look preto masculino http://www.99wtf.net/men/mens-accessories/mens-watches-designer/

Richy Koll - Nike Sneakers, Nike Socks, Zara Short Pants, HM Shirt, Nike Backpack - With all black in Berlin Supernatural Style




適合丹寧、嘴饞、街頭、變態、棒球帽、牛仔外套、餅乾、厚底鞋、HERSCHEL SUPPLY CO.、HELLO PHOEBE、 UNDERGROUND的穿搭

適合丹寧、嘴饞、街頭、變態、棒球帽、牛仔外套、餅乾、厚底鞋、HERSCHEL SUPPLY CO.、HELLO PHOEBE、 UNDERGROUND的穿搭

T Magazine The NY Times September Sweatshirt Editorial 2013 | SAMUEL JING

"A Grown-Up Crop of Men's Sweatshirts" by Matthew Kristall featuring John Hein. T Magazine, Sept. Love it when Michigan is well represented!