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First Snow (Vogue Russia)

Mark Harmon. Sexy then, sexy now. Love him as seasoned Agent Gibbs on NCIS

...challenges our comfort zones.

Camp Engagement Session

Lake Taken From

divalocity: Loc’ed & Lovely by Anthony Wright Photo Credit: Anthony Wright Photography


Ugh, rom-coms. At this point in the game, you don't really even need to watch them, because you can probably guess what's going to happen anyway. Boy meets girl, boy and girl face an obstacle that threatens to keep them apart. Boy and girl overcome said obstacle in a series of hilarious-yet-endearingly meaningful trials, the two kiss epically, end scene. But what about the other aspects of love? The nitty-gritty, the weird, the heartbreakingly sad, the bittersweet, the beautiful, and the…

The Trials of J. Robert Oppenheimer

Oppenheimer - 'Oppy'... Biography.. An extremely intelligent man/physist.. Instrumental in creating the Atom Bomb.. He did not want it used, as Japan was already defeated.. The USA just went ahead and used it anyway. He was so devastated.. The McCarthy rein of "Reds under the Bed' terror, persecuted him relentlessly.. He sufferred depression all his life..

Casal comemora noivado com ensaio bem divertido