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luminarias de concreto, ideia pra ceramica tambem.

luminarias de concreto, ideia pra ceramica tambem.

Could be concrete pot, then form to support vine or Stem. Concrete Design Vase

is a lovely interpretation of a vase made from iron, concrete and walnut, by Seung Yong Song. Love the heaviness of the concrete bottom contrasted with the light wire frame top.

木片灯具 - 堆糖 发现生活_收集美好_分享图片

Visit the best interior lighting design projects. Home lighting design is always peculiar, at our house we want to make it as special as possible .

#DIY #concrete clock. I'll try this for my new office space

DIY concrete clock This is so very cool, and the directions, are good. What a challenge to try this project one day?

Venice / lampshade idea

Venice is a porcelain lampshade that quickly turns a simple ceiling light point into a luminaire. Just secure the small safety part onto the wire by adjusting the set screw and place the lampshade over it. This way you will enjoy warm light anywhere in yo

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76 Industrial Decor Ideas - From Industrial Hanging Pendants to Wooden Concrete Lighting (TOPLIST)~~these Concrete lights would be Awesome with your Concrete countertops!

Naturale aspetto concreto con un legno esotico zebra base, levigata e finito per mettere in evidenza la venatura e il colore del legno aggiungere un contrasto sorprendente, moderno qualsiasi impostazione nella vostra casa!  Questa seminatrice a mano, cemento e legna è perfetta per il tuo piante grasse, cactus, piante o qualsiasi altra cosa di che si può pensare!  Ottimo per uso interno ed esterno.  Dimensioni del prodotto: Altezza: 4 Diametro: 4 cm Cavità interna: 2,5 diametro X 3 in…

Large Concrete Planter - Zebra Wood Base

Natural concrete look with an exotic zebra wood base, smoothed and finished to…

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DESIGN: bedrock lamp (a resin-impregnated cord wrapped around the cast concrete bag) - henry wilson

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Decorate your home or office with our collection of original pendant lights, unique light fixtures, creative wall lamps, and rustic chandeliers.

Modern Interior Design Ideas Blending Plywood with Contemporary Inspirations

37 Stunning Examples Of Concrete Lighting For Your Home - Airows

37 Stunning Examples Of Concrete Lighting For Your Home

Design lighting

Idea for Pendant Light- Intersections - Sospensioni - ZAVA - Floor and table lamps, ceiling lights and appliques

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Concrete tealight totems - made "with a pleasing heft that is uncommon today." It's true. -a box. with an offset water bottle with a built-out tealight base should make a decent mold for this