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Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum

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Channing Tatum More .alles für den Gentleman - www.

Casting main character: Channing Tatum is good enough to be Percy Jackson because he is funny and is always helping people.

Channing Tatum Eye Candy

Thanks a lot Jenna-just what I needed-another celeb crush: Channing Tatum

Foxcatcher (2013) - Channing Tatum

Foxcatcher (2014)

Channing Tatum on MovieLaLa. Watch Channing Tatum's' latest movies, movie trailers, videos, photos and many more.

channing tatum photos | Channing-Tatum-channing-tatum-20369900-1000-1483

Channing Tatum Eye Candy

Channing Tatum - channing-tatum Photo omg look at that face! He's beautiful Js

Channing Tatum @Josephine Kimberling Kimberling Kimberling Yi you're welcome

BERRY hot men: Black & White (32 photos)

Channing Tatum White T-shirt contest

Re: The Vow.. "If I woke up from a coma and the Dr said Channing Tatum was my husband.. I wouldn't question it."  ...well, DUH.

The Vanities Openers

Editorial : Channing Tatum by Norman Jean Roy for Vanity Fair. Vintage makes Any guy (even already handsome ones) look even better!

Channing Tatum.ooooooooh my goodness this man give me butterflies and cold chills and ohhhhhhhhhhh........

Farewell letter from

Channing Tatum w/ facial hair. And i dont even like facial hair.

Channing Tatum 0.0 gorgeous!!!!

mmm my god this man is gorgeous

"Good morning, Lori. You look absolutely gorgeous (and skinny) today. I will have dinner waiting when you get home." -Love, Channing Tatum @Justin Dickinson N Lori Currie

Channing Tatum, GQ 2009 (my Christian Grey)

Channing Tatum's Vanity Fair shoot. Too hot.

Photos: Channing Tatum Outtakes

Channing Tatum, you sexy piece of man you! There should be a law against it.

i just lost my shit... Channing Tatum wtf

Photo (So Handsome, It Hurts)

caught-dreaming: “allisimpson: “just posting this again cause you know ” I like a man in a uniform but I like a channing tatum in a uniform even better ”

Channing Tatum - Boyfriend of the Week  #atozchallenge - Blog - Roni Loren, Romance Author

Channing Tatum - Boyfriend of the Week #atozchallenge

Channing-Tatum - channing-tatum wallpaper Magic Mike sucked but love me some Channing Tatum

Before Marrying Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan Dated These 2 Celebrity Heartthrobs

Before Marrying Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan Dated These 2 Celebrity Heartthrobs

Yep, pretty sure I could wake up next to this and have breakfast with him EVERY SINGLE  DAY. One day...

Farewell letter from

I've NEVER seen anyone look this sexy eating breakfast. I'll take the eggs with a side of Channing Tatum yummy!

Pin for Later: 16 Channing Tatum Dance Moves That Will Send You Into Overdrive OMG — Can We Get This One to Go, Please?

OMG — Can We Get This One to Go, Please?

The Year In Bulge: Channing Tatum