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Ma Boy

Ma Boy (Korean, Web Series, starring Kim So Hyun, Sun Woong, and Min Hoo.

Kill Me, Heal Me - Wiki Drama

Kill Me, Heal Me

Kill me, Heal me. Episodes: 20 A love story between the son from a wealthy family who has 7 personalities and a year female resident who becomes a secret doctor for him.

'My Fair Lady' was super cute. Of course, anything with Yoon Eun Hye and Jung Il Woo in it will be this way.

My Fair Lady

My Fair Lady/lady castle/take care of the young lady-korean drama, absolutely loved this one. She had the cutest clothes too =)

Don't talk about food to me or else I get hungry. #kdrama #hungry #pizza

Boys over flower , jun pyo ( lee min hoo ) funny reaction to pizza . I HOPE TO LIKE IT & comment for more rare & new picures & INTEREST NEWS about him. Rosie - I love how he's such a damn child

Nonton Drama Korea Radio Romance (2018) Streaming Move online Subtitle Indonesia

Radio Romance (2018)

Nonton Drama Korea Radio Romance (2018) Streaming Move online Subtitle Indonesia

I Hear Your Voice

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⭐️ Lie To Me - This drama started off really well, and funny. But soon the plot began to drag. Though I felt sorry for the main actresses character, if I had to watch one more scene with her crying or drunk I think I was going to scream.. All she went through just to prove she was "doing well" to her back biting so-called friends was just ridiculous. They could have finished this show in 10 episodes. - Jodie M.

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Flower Boy Next Door

Flower Boy Next Door - - Ve Capítulos Completos en

Flower Boys Next Door/My Flower Boy Neighbor starring Park Shin Hye, Yoon Si Yoon, and Kim Ji Hoon.

Meu Querido Hobby

Secret Garden was a gem in the rough. I'm always game for a switching bodies show but it is soooooo different in Korea. Of course they would fall in love!

My Girl : When Gong Chan (Lee Dong Wook) meets the lively and beautiful Yoo Rin (Lee Da Hae), he finds out that she has connections to his missing cousin, whom his grandfather has been searching for. He asks Yoo Rin to lie about being his long missing cousin until he can find his real cousin. She says yes, but soon their feelings for each other get in the way of their plans.

My Girl kdrama. Starts out fairly funny, but then gets very melodramatic and looked forward to the end. I had some issues with some of the story turns.

Please Come Back Mister - This show was entertaining.  I don't even remember what made me start watching it lol, but I was entertained every week.  Some parts with these two were HYSTERICAL.  All the characters are likable, even the bad guys are funny in their own crazy way.  It was actually quite good.  I cried more than once in the last episode.  FEELS.

[Spoiler] Added episode 8 captures for the Korean drama 'Please Come Back, Mister'