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Jasmine & Aladdin by Amber Quattlebaum [©2012]

Walt Disney Fan Art of Princess Jasmine and Aladdin from "Aladdin" HD Wallpaper and background photos of Walt Disney Fan Art - Princess Jasmine & Aladdin for fans of Walt Disney Characters images.


I love Disney. Luckily, I met and married a man who is not afraid to duet Disney ballads with me.

Day 6: Favorite Hero. Aladdin! He and Phillip are tied for my favorite prince as well, but he's definitely a hero. He's also selfless, quick-witted, courageous, and I love he and Jasmine's relationship. They're seriously the cutest Disney couple ever! Just look at him. Guh. I can't even...

Something about their physical interactions through the whole movie reminds me of myself (and a boy, of course).


fuck yeah disney fanart - fairytalemood: “Ponytail Festival” by 千鳥 Jasmine Disney Princess Anime Manga

Princess Jasmine

Wallpaper and background photos of Princess Jasmine for fans of Princess Jasmine images.