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Guitar Shovel designed and built by Sean Mair

Guitar Shovel designed and built by Sean Mair

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cigar box guitar. luv the rustic look.  Visit & Like our Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rustic-Farmhouse-Decor/636679889706127

OLD SCHOOL guitar. This one was made from a vintage Kildows box and some wood that came off of my 1890 Wisconsin barn. Old school captures the spiri…

Love this idea of a cigar box guitar... with a fork for a bridge! x)

Spare guitar parts AND silverware all rolled into an awesome cigar box guitar! Check it out!

SPAMJO Canjo Cigarbox Guitar Banjo Dulcimer ... Made in Tennessee ... Amazing One String Wonder

The Spamjo - Made in Tennessee by Henry Hoover A Spamjo (canjo) is a fretted, single string, acoustic instrument with an American-sourced

With almost 200 kid-friendly step-by-step how-to guides, timelines, and lists, UNBORED: The Essential Field Guide to Serious Fun teaches practical knowledge (like how to search for a lost pet), life lessons (like how to get your friends to go green), and hands-on ways to have fun—like how to make your own cigar box guitar.Building a [...]

Family Fun: How to Make a Guitar Out of a Cigar Box

Here are some photos and build notes for a cigar box guitar that I built. I've wanted to do one of these ever since I read about CBG's in Make Magazine several years ago.

Strumstick Home Page

The Home of The McNally Strumstick. The Strumstick is designed for beginners and super easy to play.

Upright bass made out of a suitcase!  Two of my favorite things combined into pure awesome-ness.

Vintage Suitcase into Upright Bass

Upright bass made out of a suitcase! I'm working on a nylon string suitcase guitar. I hope it turns out this well.

A Fancy Cigar Box Fiddle

How to Build a Fiddle Out of a Cigar Box - horribly missing info but neat idea

Cigar Box Guitar A member of my husband's family makes these.  You would not believe the sound they make.  It is awesome

* How Do I purchase a Cigar Box Guitar from Scotty's Cigar Box Guitars? As each cigar box guitar I build is one of a kind, e-mail me at cigarboxguitars