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I dont think I could read this whole thing without becoming OCD.

Stay Healthy: Avoid The Germ Zones During The Day [Infographic]

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I feel pain.

I feel pain.

Ah, so that is why every song on the charts sounds the same - Funny Memes

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA too funny not to pin

If my husband can do a naked headstand at that age. I might just kiss his nose!

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28 Funny Pictures to Nerd Out On Check more at http://8bitnerds.com/28-funny-pictures-to-nerd-out-on/

28 Funny Pictures to Nerd Out On

Moms often start the day feeling like Mary Poppins and end the day feeling like Cruella de Vil

"Let's Draw the Pigeon!"- elementary book but if I want students to buy into my rules they need to be part of the process. As Day 1 begins give them hand out (google " Lets draw the Pigeon" pdf)  take attendance, while they draw. (warm-up), read book & they now create classroom rules. (don't let the pigeon run with scissors, scribble, etc.) fun way focus on rules for the room & and students will remember them better. (Ok I'll have posted a regular set of classroom rules too but add some…

Use the Pigeon to create classroom procedures and rules at the beginning of the year having students complete the sentences and pictures on their own!

Solar Eclipse/Sun Mosaics - UAB

Artsonia is a kids art museum where young artists and students display their art for other kids worldwide to view. This gallery displays schools and student art projects in our museum and offer exciting lesson plan art project ideas.

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Did you know some of these plumbing facts and statistics? | Baker & Sons Plumbing | (618)364-4211 | bakerplumbing.com/ |

How Many Miles of Toilet Paper Do You Use Every Year

Jurassic World!

Jurassic World!