Not sure why anyone would NEED this, but it sure is cool. Bee Miniature Paper Sculpture by elsita on Etsy

This 6 cm bee is a miniature paper sculpture designed and made by myself. For the making of this bee I arranged several little pieces of paper that I carefully cut with a sharp knife and scissors.

Elsa Mora is a multimedia Artist, born and raised in Holguin but currently living in Los Angeles, California. She works in all media including painting, photography, ceramics, porcelain and mixed media. Every piece of paper art tells a story.

Little Red Riding Hood (paper ring framed in shadow box) Elsa Mora

Imagine the time it took to create these intricate works of art.

Cabinet de Curiosités Art Direction, Set Design, Crafts by Zim And Zou

Amazing handmade paper sculptures by {Charles Clary} He's been my art teacher twice and he's an awesome guy!

Amazing handmade paper sculptures by {Charles Clary} Could link to Polly Lindsay. Look at Coiling techniques

Colorful, stunning paper trophies

DiY: Unique Paper Crafts for Your Kids' Room

Beef and Onions!

Top 21 des plus belles créations en papier de Fideli Sundqvist

still life paper food by fideli sundqvist still life’ as part of the ‘papercut’ series by fideli sundqvist photographer: olivia jeczmyk stylist: joanna lavén swedish artist fideli sundqvist has

Image result for Calvin Nicholls' Incredible Paper Sculptures

paper sculpture hedgehog made from archival paper for follett library resources by canadian paper sculptor calvin nicholls - House Interior Designs