Plastic case with candies

Chá de cozinha

Strawberry Picnic Party- no Summer kids for me- maybe for Lexi's Milsaps L Connolly

Aniversário em estilo piquenique | Casamenteiras

Aniversário em estilo piquenique

brigadeiro na casquinha

Bosque serve como tema de aniversário de um ano; veja fotos e inspire

Goldfish ocean theme beach party idea - I'm not sure how many kids will EAT the broccoli and ?scallions? and not just throw them out, but it's cute.

Beach Party Theme

Tinted cream cheese is spread on Ritzcracker with broccoli and chives mimicking sea vegetation whileGoldfish swim around.

Strawberry shortcake party!

A Sweet Party for a Sweet 5 year old ~ Kristina of Modern Frills shared her Strawberry Lemonade party with us and we just had to show you all!

Meu-Dia-D-Chá-De-Panela-Marília (13)

O Chá de Cozinha da Marília