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Diana Diana is the ancient lady of the beasts, and as the mistress of wild things, she is responsible for anything young and vulnerable. She is also the Goddess of the moon as symbolised by the crescent moon diadem she wears in her hair.

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Peacock Beauty Wall decor art Pictures Diamond mosaic needlework Embroidery with diamonds Painting by numbers rhinestones

Josephine Wall   Fantasies  MOOIE

JOSEPHINE WALL Honeysuckle - Tender trumpets of sweetest honey wind their vines up garden walls, sharing their essence with birds and bees, bringing contentment to one and all

Through The Eyes Of A Child by Josephine Wall

Through The Eyes Of A Child - Josephine Wall (born is a popular English fantasy artist.

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coroebus:  Daughter of the Deep - Josephine Wall

Daughter of the Deep Mortals hold seashells to their ears to hear the sounds of the seas and imagine life in the deep waters below. Perhaps a mermaid would look into a seashell to see and hear the.