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São Paulo está em transformação. Obras de grande impacto na mobilidade urbana, com a construção de duas grandes pontes na região da Marginal Pinheiros. E, na...

Mulheres Barbadas

Prefeitura de São Paulo

O que é design responsivo? A maioria das pessoas entendem vagamente que ele se…

Mega mazi is a format for corporate social responsibility related programmes on Greek tv channel mega which calls to action regarding issues such as environmental care, health and national minorities. The opener is made in a time-consuming process and is a combination of different collage techniques with stop motion and animation. client: mega channel, greece agency: velvet mediendesign, munich creative director: martin kett concept & design: iris engler, stefanie reinhardt stop motion…

ALICE & THE GIANT EMPTINESS - Short Animated Film #talesofthe1in10 - YouTube

Be Berlin - sehsucht

For the 2011-2012 school year new examination requirements apply for secondary education. Compared to the old ones these may seem like minor differences, but they could have major consequences for students. To bring this to the fore, a marketing campaign was devised for the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. UbachsWisbrun/JWT asked us to design and direct two animations, based on a blackboard and chalk, which we all recognize from the school classroom. We couldn’t stand the…

GOLF DIGEST Illustration

I like the use of thick and thin lines to create depth and detail.

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