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Monica and I still have ours! Strawberry Shortcake Carrying Case For Dolls Kenner 1980 Box (by Betty Bubble At TumbleweedCottage)

I hated these belts

I had this belt in kindergarten! I thought I was so cool when I figured out how to work it!



My sister adored her doll ❤

baby strawberry shortcake dolls They blew scented kisses. I had Strawberry Shortcake, and my cousin had Lemon Meringue

Snugglebums!!!  the "mama brightly" doll was one of my favorites and i donated it to a kid's toy drive as a toddler.  never forgot it!

Snuggle bums - I had the blue and my sister had pink. They lit up when you squeezed them, I think.

Lime Chiffon with Balloons miniature figurine

Lime Chiffon and Her Balloons PVC Strawberry Shortcake Figurine

Lime Chiffon and Her Balloons Mini Figure Vintage Strawberry Shortcake PVC Miniature Figurine

Kitchen Sink for Strawberry Shortcake Berry Happy Home Dollhouse | Brown Eyed Rose

Kitchen Sink for Strawberry Shortcake Berry Happy Home Dollhouse

This kitchen sink is for the vintage Berry Happy Home dollhouse, which was made in 1983 for Strawberry Shortcake and her friends. The sink itself is red and shaped like a strawberry with green leaves

Strawberry Shortcake Steel Trike From The 1980s

My first ride: a Strawberry Shortcake Tricycle. My Dad ran it over in the driveway and the basket broke off :(

I need a new pair of these. I love them!

G h bass 'sunjuns' burgundy leather thong sandal shoe sz 6m dominican republic

I loved my Bass sandals! I remember Mamoo taking me to Gladsteins to buy them!