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When Nu'est's Ren finally leaves back his yojja style. *Drools* Manly -nods-

reference, photo, man, pose, Ren Nu'est more masculine than the 'old' Ren

Aron & Ren NU'EST ❤(>///<)ε<)หอมซ้าย❤ ❤(>3(>///<)หอมขวา❤


Ren - NU'EST OMG!!!! LOVE THIS HAIR CUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[SCAN/SCREENSHOT] easy magazine mobile app screenshot Part II NU’EST x PUMA / exclusive interview “ Source: nuestnewsletter / easy magazine mobile app Please do not crop/modify.

Ren from NU'EST - I'm so happy that he finally doesn't have blonde hair! I love his blonde hair, but it was time for a change.

Ren - Nu'est Ren, you are hot now with that hair, but your long blonde hair was sexy

20151012 // Since NU'EST debuted, I've been their fan up til now though. Love them.

Nu'Est ^_^ Sigh, Ren the most pretty boy to have existed.

NU’EST Aron and Ren Compete for “Best Abs” in Spoiler Pic for “Re:BIRTH” Album

NU'EST Aron and Ren Who's abs are better? i think the fact that Ren has abs is better?

NU'EST's Ren drops his teaser image for comeback album 'Re:BIRTH' | allkpop.com *YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY

NU'EST's Ren drops his teaser image for comeback album 'Re:BIRTH'

NU'EST's Ren Released His Solo Teaser Photo To Kick Off Their New Album; He looks so great here, even though I love his blond hair and I'm so excited for their comeback!

Ren♡ Nu'est

R-Ren. your hair. it's so distracting. LET ME PET IT *climbs on Rwn and pets hair* Yess, precious likes very much.

NU'EST MinHyun and Ren they're weird but I love them :)

"The world is full of beautiful things.Just like you" _Nu'est_minhyun ren

<3 Ren of Nu'est - original Pinner says: "HE IS TOO PRETTY. NO MAN SHOULD BE THAT PRETTY."

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