Malaysian orchid praying mantis

Mantis orchid, Stock Photo malaysian orchid mantis hymenopus coronatus, a small praying mantis which mimics to perfection a phalaenopsis orchid flower to trick its insect prey.


How would you like to lean into smell this beautiful "orchid".only to have it crawl onto your nose! (Orchid mantis (Hymenopus coronatus) lives in Thailand and Malaysia.

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a mantis native to Indonesia photographed against the light. Photos made ​​with Nikon and Nikkor . Lift the mirror quote Photographer Marco Milanesi

orchid mantis picture

An orchid mantis is camouflaged on a flower, in Borneo, Malaysia. Photograph by Thomas Marent, Minden Pictures/Corbis

Khalil Ibrahim | Malaysian artist

Khalil Ibrahim | Malaysian artist

Dzulkifli Buyong Kapal Kertas 1966

Art, A Way of Life: Dzulkifli Buyong