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Undertale - Chibi Asriel

lessue: “ asriel by CoffeeLSB ”

Not completely out of left field... I like it! But what Human would he have fussed with? Not Chara as Asriel takes their soul, nor is it one of the 6 souls as their souls are all accounted for in the end... So who?

I guess I'm going to dig a little bit deeper and find some W. Gaster info>> That. I accept this theory

Sans’s reaction to Papyrus’s pun is the best thing in this fandom

sans, papyrus, frisk, comic <-- X,D funniest fan comic I've seen lately

I can die of cuteness >///<<<<first I was like awww then I was like wait... Purple guys in there...

Rose: *runs up to spring* SPRING! *hugs* Spring: *blushes* i missed you too Rose.

That's exactly what I thought he would do when I got to this part

I thought that the ghost he was referring to was himself.I underestimated you MTT

Stupid fight between kids by Chaosreign on DeviantArt << Sans stop playin favorites or Tori's gonna be mad

Stupid fight between kids by Chaosreign on DeviantArt << Sans stop playin favorites or Tori's gonna be mad<<< But Chara did deserve it.

sans, Frisk, Toriel>>>> Making ships sail with cannons since 2015:

(I DON'T ship Soriel, but this is so funny) sans, Frisk, Toriel>>>> Trying to sail ships with cannons since 2015

Frisk's Gender by ShweezyLiz I support the head canon of a shape shifter!

Yassssss Frisk & Chara in my opinion are shape shifters so is Bonnie and Toy Bonnie <~~~~since they are goasts in a robot suit and Bendy <~~~since he/she is made of ink

[Click through and see description for part 1!] PAP-VADER vs SANS-JEDI- Part 2 ||| Sans, Papyrus, and Frisk ||| Undertale + Star Wars Fan Art by KooyaC on DeviantArt

Papyrus felt his heart broken when he heard sans asking where is his brother Part 1 over here: Click ------------------------------------ Wow. PAP-VADER vs SANS-JEDI- Part 2


Oh, the hot dogs. Sticky Situation by BamSaraKilledYou on DeviantArt

Ha! Sans, try not to think about where that milk actually came from . . . It's not working, is it?

Sans, Frisk, and Toriel - comic - LOL《that last picture's so cute tho



Mawile shoulda been Mega in the last panel

Undertale - pokemon parody>>Frisk being Eevee is perfection

Frisk Gender by La-Emperatriz on DeviantArt

Frisk Gender by La-Emperatriz on DeviantArt << people should learn from Frisk's point of view and Sans chillness about gender neutrality

undertale, asriel, sans, comic

undertale, sans, asriel<<<< sans "I've been here for a couple of weeks"

undertale, papyrus, spaghetti

Found on

undertale, papyrus, spaghetti<<okay but I just thought of APH Italy cooking and eating with Papyrus so