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Steam Park by IELLO Photo by: @SHeartsOrRivals youtube.com/sweetheartsorrivals

Luk: This is the Tantara Train Station. This is the most fastest and most famous station in the whole Fantasy world. [GAMEPLAY AND RP OPEN]

pixeljeff: Try to combine with the water effect! looks amazing!! right?Moonrise / 2014 - Pixel Jeff

Raw Data Update 5.2 Vapor Exploit as Bishop - VR Gameplay HTC Vive

Pixel art: hotel suite

Pinterest: ☁︎ [̲̅k̲̅][̲̅l̲̅][̲̅o̲̅][̲̅u̲̅][̲̅d̲̅][̲̅y̲̅][̲̅e̲̅][̲̅y̲̅][̲̅e̲̅][̲̅s̲̅] ☁︎

threechainlinks:Manipulation of this photo by cookies-aka-only-love.

18 You play your favourite computer game about a homicide. The avatar looks like you, walking around the city, carefully styled, relentless, fascinating. You can command the avatar by voice, describing the scene. Do you tell him to go to the church at section 20 (https://de.pinterest.com/pin/194991858846559720/) or to the pool at section 13 (https://de.pinterest.com/pin/194991858846559800/)? If you are confused you can read section 2 (https://de.pinterest.com/pin/194991858846559811/).

The Great Lebowski himself also known as Dude

https://media.giphy.com/media/l3UcDHo4yx7pspX8c/giphy.gif if you know the artist please let me know so i can credit

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