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[ Welcome To Night Vale ] || Quote

"We are all poetry, Night Vale. Every breath or branch or sigh before another hopeless night of uneasy slumber is itself a verse in a great poem"

Night vale young Cecil

Cassette by acbardwil // Still my favorite episode. Alternately amazingly adorable and horrifyingly creepy. I really want this puzzle continued.

Is this suggesting he grinning because he saw Cecil? Because that's the cutest damn thing ever. #cecilos4lyf

Cecil on meeting Carlos for the first time and instantly falling in love. 1 Through the entire podcast I was thinking what if Carlos listens to the radio?

ohmygosh this is exactly how I pictured this scene. I'm not crying. I swear I'm not crying...I.....no. ~:~

i am not from night vale<<but it's where you belong. In night vale, with me

Carlos is just so confused. And, then there's Cecil, who knows to just except everything ever.

deviantART: More Like Mass Effect Commander Jane Shepard Chibi

Check out the podcast welcome to night vale on iTunes!!! It is so creepy and awesome I'm hooked!!!!

Whenever I hear this part of the episode I'm like 'well I would give anything to go to Night Vale so stop complaining about your lousy shirt and deep rooted paranoia'

Love this!

"Government agents from A Vague Yet Menacing Agency were in the back, watching." Avengers + Welcome to Night Vale. It works surprisingly well (especially the Howard Stark one, ouch). do I put this under Marvel, or under WTNV?

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Cecil Gershwin Palmer from Welcome to Night Vale. He is so perfect. Someone please punch me in the face because these feels, man. This is probably my favorite rendition of him.< punches you, then myseld

--bet it's better than imaginary corn cereal. just saying. -p.a.

--bet it's better than imaginary corn cereal.< yeah that stuff tastes kinda weird like ground up cooked corn and oats