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Trollius chinensis ‘Golden Queen’

Trollius chinensis ‘Golden Queen’ - Under the maple tree. Not sure of the exact variety, but tag says it is part sun.

Salvia 'Violet Riot'. Site also includes 2015 Perennials

New Perennials for 2015

'Violet Riot' perennial salvia is a wild riot of violet-purple flower spikes throughout the spring and summer!

Can Shrubby Hypericum Grow in Shade?

) refers to a large group of perennial plants and shrubs grown within U. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones to for their .

Výsledek obrázku pro lychnis chalcedonica

Long popular in Cottage gardens, this is a rugged and easy perennial for any sunny border.

Sanguinaria canadensis, Bloodroot, zone 3-8, native wildflower, full shade, 6-10 inches tall, blooms March-April

Bloodroot Zone: 3 to 8 Height: to feet Spread: to feet Bloom Time: March to April Bloom Description: White or pink tinged Sun: Part shade to full shade

Aster Yellows

Aster Yellows Virus: Learn More About What Is Aster Yellows

Sun-Loving, Drought-Tolerant Shrubs: Jerusalem Sage

Mediterranean native adds texture and butter yellow flowers to summer landscape. Drought tolerant, deer and rabbit resistant, Jerusalem Sage is easy to grow.

Euphorbia, 'first blush'

Scilla in Mom's garden. It has been a tough week and a really long day, but phase one is complete and my .

Aconitum napellus

An old-fashioned heirloom perennial steeped in folklore traditions, but not seen often in modern gardens.

Trollius Ledebourii.  Needs a moist location.  sun or shade-----how about near the pole building, but in shady damp area.

Trollius Ledebourii (Globeflower)

Type: Perennials Height: Medium (Plant apart) Bloom Time: Early Summer to Summer Sun-Shade: Mostly Sunny to Mostly Shady Zones: Find Your Zone Soil Condition: Normal Flower Color / Accent: Orange / Orange

Veronica Sunny Border Blue

Veronica Sunny Border Blue (Speedwell)

Veronica Sunny Border Blue

Echinacea 'Raspberry Truffle will go in my garden this year. Deer resistent.

Raspberry Truffle Coneflower

Raspberry Truffle Echinacea Coneflower Plant - Compact plants with big blooms! The bottom layer is strawberry, while the top is a richer raspberry.

Λουλούδι "ματωμένη καρδιά"

One of my favorite spring shade plants, Bleeding Heart ~ Dicentra Spectabilis.every garden should have at least one!