linda ronstadt

Congrats to Linda Rondstadt, my favorite female vocalist, for being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

Linda Ronstadt - Country Rock goddess

Before Pat Benatar, Madonna or Lady Gaga there was Linda Rondstat. No dance moves, no gimmicks, no crazy costumes, just a beautiful woman with a huge voice! The Genuine Music of the

johnny cash and linda ronstadt / the johnny cash show, 1969

Johnny Cash may have been all country to the bone but loved all sorts of music and used his TV show as a vehicle to introduce some acts to his audience. Here with Linda Ronstadt.

If I could sing like anyone... (but now, she can't sing anymore, due to parkinson's. :( )

My dad used to play her records when I was a kid. She has such a powerful voice.

The Supremes, female singing group and the premier act of Motown Records. You Keep Me Hangin' On -

The Supremes, female singing group and a big part of my high school years. Thier songs will remain some of the best of me.