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Another beautiful bug that I found last weekend hiking Nuang Mountain. Looks like bugs are all I am shooting lately : )

David jobi's Photography

David jobi's Photography

grasshopper yoka :).

Photograph grasshopper yoka :) by Matcenbox on

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insect close up. Look at its globular calcite eyes.

A ladybug up close and personal.

A ladybug up close and personal.

insects http://www.skylinepest.com/

insects http://www.skylinepest.com/

Green Grocer

Cicada singing is often associated with hot summer afternoons. Why do cicadas make so much noise? Learn about cicada singing and cicada songs.

bugsfromtokyo: Leaf beetles (shot in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

bugsfromtokyo: Leaf beetles (shot in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

Awesome pic of a snail practicing its dance moves.

Hungry Snail and 19 more amazing macro photography images (not snails).

Kết quả hình ảnh cho scarab

This is an emerald fruit chafer beetle. I know because I pinned one just a moment ago.

Hello.... by Alberto Di Donato

Platycnemis pennipes by Alberto Di Donato on


Giant Shield Bug (Asiarcha angulosa, Tessaratomidae) ~ By John Horstman

Amazing, lessons to be learnt for the team work here

Forest scene. Ladybug on mushroom with snail.

Small Blue Mushroom & Two visitors A Ladybug & A Snail - Amazing Pictures, Images, Photography from Travels All Aronud the World

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Peritrox marcelae Más