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。U 534

Commissioned in Hamburg in late the U 534 is a Type IX C 40 long-range ocean going submarine.


The Advanced Electric Ship Demonstrator (AESD), Sea Jet, funded by the US Navy, is a stealth vessel.

11 in 'panzerschiffe' Deutschland pre-war: the first of the three 'pocket battleships', she was not built with the visually impressive enclosed control tower of her sisters Scheer and Graf Spee, which made these ships appear much more formidable than they actually were. Renamed Lutzow for political reasons on the outbreak of WW2, she survived till crippled by RAF bombing in April 1945.

Panzerschiffe Deutschland,

11 in 'panzerschiffe' Deutschland pre-war: the first of the three 'pocket…

Picture of the HMS Hood (51)

Image used to illustrate the details of the HMS Hood Battlecruiser Warship

USS Idaho and USS Mississippi being refitted in drydock

bmashina: “ The battleships Idaho and Mississippi (slightly more) being overhauled at the shipyard of the Navy in Norfolk ”

Bismarck & Tirpitz - The German Mega Ships - Miscellaneous - Illustrations and Drawings ...

Bismarck & Tirpitz - Miscellaneous - Illustrations and Drawings - U. Iowa - Model by Gaspar Pina (Exterior/Interior View, Large)

Abandonedography • beforesilence:   Battleship Gneisenau #Architecture

German Battleship/Battlecruiser Gneisenau, derelict at Gotenhafen

HMS Vanguard, the Royal Navy's last battleship (in fact the last completed anywhere). Laid down as a 'one off' on the outbreak of WW2 to make use of stored 15 in guns, competing resource priorities meant she was not completed until 1946. She remained in commission until 1960.

HMS Vanguard - Vanguard class Battleship - we passed her in 1947 as we went out to Capetown. She was bringing back the Royal Family who had been on an official visit.

USS Salt Lake City

Penascola class heavy cruiser USS Salt Lake City pictured before US entry into February 'Old Swayback' acquired more battle honours than any other US warship during the conflict.

Gun crews of the battleship USS Mississippi (BB-41) take a rest during the attack on Peleliu. Sept. 15, 1944.

Gun crews of the battleship USS Mississippi take a rest during the attack on Peleliu.

IJN Fusō(金剛) porto di Kure , 1933 - Corazzata - Classe Fusō - Ordinata 1911 Impostata 1912 Entrata in servizio 1915 Destino finale Affondate entrambe nella Battaglia dello Stretto di Surigao, il 25 ottobre 1944 Caratteristiche generali Dislocamento 39.782 Lunghezza 213 m Larghezza 30,61 m Altezza 9,68 m Propulsione 4 eliche; turbine Brown-Curtis; 24 caldaie con 40000 shp prima dei lavori; 6 caldaie Kampon da 75.000 shp dopo i lavori[1] Velocità 25 nodi Autonomia 8.000 m a 14 n Equipaggio…

Imperial Japanese Navy battleship Fuso in drydock Kure Japan April 1933 (colorized) x