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Kenny isn’t your average crab, he’s a little (coco)nuts! As the largest living arthropod in the world, coconut crabs are also called robber crabs because they’re known to steal things from people.

Corythucha ciliata                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Corythucha ciliata, the sycamore lace bug, is a species of lace bug Tingidae that is linked to sycamores in the New and Old It is native to the New world.

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zooophagous: pogosticks: Leaf Mantis (Deroplatys trigonodera) by Anton Skrn Oh my god its SO PRECIOUS

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Fulcidax coelestina - what a wonderfully silly little bug!

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Onthophagus granulatus

Onthophagus granulatus


Cephalotes varians turtle ant soldier showing the head disk used for guarding nest entrances.

Weevil - funny looking bug!

I'm bowlegged? Don't be ridiculous - the rest of the world's knock-kneed.