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Falando o que penso (Na terra dos Marechais): Complexo de Dâmocles?

Inside The Mind Of A Narcissist (NPD - Narcissistic Personality Disorder): Malignant Self-Love (Pathological Narcissism)

Find out what goes on in the mind of a narcissist - NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder / Malignant (pathological) Self-Love (Narcissism)

John Henry Fuseli - The Nightmare (1792) "...The canvas seems to portray simultaneously a dreaming woman and the content of her nightmare. The incubus and the horse's head refer to contemporary belief and folklore about nightmares, but have been ascribed more specific meanings by some theorists. Contemporary critics were taken aback by the overt sexuality of the painting, which has since been interpreted by some scholars as anticipating Freudian ideas about the unconscious."

Rene Magritte

necspenecmetu: Armand-Charles Caraffe, Metellus Raising the Siege, late 18th century

Madonna of the Pomegranate (detail) - Sandro Botticelli

Donald Mcdonald Oil on Canvas

Format cells and tables in InDesign | Adobe InDesign CC tutorials

Međutim, briga o osobnom interesu ukorijenjena je u stvarnost svakodnevnog života, obuhvaćajući ono što je odsutno u popularnoj kulturi: rad...

Sculptural Facial Hair

Bizarre Beards and Mustaches Look Like Works of Art #hairstyles