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Sea Hag. I would never compare you to this. She's much much to.powerful and.pretty

what kind of creature is this? prompt idea: MC visits a mysterious "art" gallery opening at night and discovers the art is actually mythical creatures on display

Nice to meet you..

This just looks mystical and graceful, cool plot ideas with the background and mermaids in general (Carribean Mermaid by Gilberto Magno based on Tony Di Terlizzi's artwork from "Arthur Spiderwick's field guide")

Mermaids Ocean Sea:  #Mermaid.

In Depth Conversation - Under The Ocean Fantasy art featuring a mermaid and a seahorse - Postcard

Digital Art by Aditya Ikranegara

Even demons have queens. Demon Queen - 01 by Reference art for a Lucifuge character from Hunter: The Vigil.

The perfect picture of a woman: we were made "Ezer Kenegdo" by God himself (from the Hebrew~azar nagad)- Suitable=Essential & Helper=Counterpart (from Genesis 2:18) We are made in the image of God; equal=made to reflect God; but different than man=feminine; to surround protect or aid; an ally~to be conspicuous and to declare. Image by Tsuyoshi Nagano, "Prominence"

Female character illustration 女孩的艺术 Saule, the Baltic Goddess of the Sun who determines the well-being and regeneration of all life on earth. She also represents the eclipse of the sun.

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Exceptional & Inspiring Conceptual Digital Illustrations

Mesmerizing stare from a beautiful mermaid...

Mesmerizing stare from a beautiful mermaid...