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“You never have to worry, I will always find you.” Once Upon a Time

Haha Sorcery #merlin

' The Evil Queen & Rumplestiltskin & Prince Charming & Snow White & Emma Swan & Captain Hook - Only The Best Are Troublemakers I feel like Emma & Snow's wrap sheets would be a lot longer. Like a lot.

My childhood never prepared me for this...honestly

My childhood never prepared me for this. (Once Upon a Time) Then again, I don't think anyone's childhood prepared them for this.

Like mother like daughter

Once upon a Time - Snow and Charming, Hook and Emma parallels. Like mother like daughter


Once Upon A Time ships ❤ Snowing Rumbelle OutlawQueen CaptainSwan

Prince Charming doing a fantastic job at the grand-parenting thing :)

Sneak Peek: Can the Once Upon a Time Folk Leave Storybrooke? Plus, Jefferson's Back!

Lady of the Lake: Henry and David sword fighting.