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Moments like this, someone should have been there for him. Poor Kakashi

that episode when kakashi cried legit tears

Hatake.Kakashi.full.2144307.jpg (785×1000)

The hogake, our favourite team 7 sensei, minato's student, the copy ninja, and our beloved kakashi hatake

Young Kakashi

Young Kakashi

26 Kakashi Hatake Gifs

naruto-loves-ramen: “ Kakashi sensei mm ” Just when I think this man can’t get any sexier you go and show me this


Kakashi had to go through so much as a child. Love was turned into coldness and indifference

konan, nagato, and yahiko (naruto and naruto shippuuden) drawn by luke uehara - Danbooru

kakashi$ by ~Willowbuz on deviantART

Kakashi Hatake Naruto---- about two or three years ago i saw this picture, and hadn't a clue of what it was except that it was a ninja of some sorts, now i know exactly who it is, and he's one of my favorite characters to XD


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