I really did like Lydia as a character.

She is such a strong female character and she let Alec go without any complaint because she knew that she was not the one for him. She is so smart and sensible, which are traits rare to find in Clave members


But really Magnus in the 7 minutes of the show already has more lines than Magnus in the movie.

#Shadowhunters 1x01 "The Mortal Cup"

Haha that's one way to describe Isabelle 😂 another would be confident xxx

Jace in 2x03 "Parabatai Lost"

"Parabatai Lost" Seriously, this episode. I did not need all these parabatai feels.

#Shadowhunters 1x12 "Malec">>> Izzy's face looking at Simon

This is one of my absolute favourite scenes and my favourite episode ❤️

And Jace just drops everything he's doing and runs to save her <3 <3 <3 #Clace S02E07

"How Are Thou Fallen" - Jace and Luke<< can we appreciate this. Jace loves Clary more than his own freakin parabatai who he is bonded to forever!