In the next movie there gonna kiss or next chapters or episodes idk I just want them to kiss

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Fairy tail

Gruvia, Miraxus, and Bixanna Is it sad that the bottom one with Lisanna and the dolls saying apologize mimicking the exact voices making me laugh right now?

HAHAHAHA!!! Natsu and Lucy's son and Gray and Juvia's daugther?... I can totally see that coming!!!!!...

i love this NaLu son and Gruvia daughter this is soooo cute i love it I an dan girling sooooooo hard

Realmente eu quero alguém tão fofo assim @DeviantArt

Aww lucy started crying, and then natsu comforts her!


I´m hearing the Ost: Fiore oukoku and is just. I love it because is the first thing that you heared in the first episode of Fairy Tail