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i think baek may be taking over the satanhyun title

#baekhyun #byun baekhyun #exo

#baekhyun #byun baekhyun #exo

Baekhyun. Love that smirk. See you there Sehun.

AYO BAEK' bro u betta stahp smirking or am gona bust y.bust in tears ToT why i can't break the screen an run into your arms wwhhhyyy

He looks like a beautiful angel 👼🔥❤️😍😘💋🛑💝💕😱😉😊🤴

i'm betting that the person he's hiding behind is Kris -. . - ....wait, maybe tao...

Also hiding behind chanyeol when you walk pass

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"EXO interacting with all the kfans at the concert"  Me: so unfair  #LOSTPLANETinSEOUL pic.twitter.com/Hb4KrlVcWW