Simple Totoro soba

Simple Totoro soba cos I snoozed off my alarm and ended up waking pretty late 😴😴

Totoro nouilles

Totoro soba foodart~~ this must be the best way to enjoy cha soba noodles! And Totoro is one of my favourite characters! A yummy and fun breakfast or meal that anyone can prepare!

黒ねこキティのハロウィン弁当(キャラ弁)の画像 | ずぼらな主婦キャラ弁にはまるっ!!の巻

黒ねこキティのハロウィン弁当(キャラ弁)の画像 | ずぼらな主婦キャラ弁にはまるっ!!の巻

Fishcake cats

Instagram Post by maki ogawa🇯🇵 (@cuteobento)

Shappo Bento Sentimental Circus | Little Miss Bento

Shappo Bento

Today I made Shappo Bento! This is the main character of Sentimental Circus, a character series under San-X Japan. Super love this Shappo bento as Shappo is my favourite character!