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Going to be okay by Linnyxito

Going to be okay by Linnyxito

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It comes to a moment when you just feel like your going insane. That moment when your so crazy you scare yourself.

confession I feel this feeling of giving up.but i knpw i have to be strong.not for myself but for my forever falling apart family

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only few people knew the inside issues going on and that one was my best friend, she did her part to not intervene and she always stuck by my side and never told anyone else about it.

But it gets worse - when it's four in the morning and I"m left alone with the walls they whisper everything they've ever known every flaw that I hold But yet again maybe its my fault because I hold so many

Steph was pressed against his headboard, hands digging into his scalp as he rocked back and forth whispering, "It's not real, it's not real, it's not real.

It hurts that she does so well and gets every bit of praise and I try and I cnt do anything im so fucking useless and I wish I was dead I am a waste and I am not sure why im herr why this js happening

Don't anybody feel like this, you're worth living and deserve to live a phenomenal life if you ever want to talk I'm always willing to listen. Stay strong you'll make it

I think to much and by the end of the day I have convinced myself I'm a horrible person and all my friends hate me

Except most if the time I'm not invited to the party, so I spend NYE alone. Wishing I wasn't here at all.

I operate better in the dark.

I never wanted to play with demons but then life happened and I ended up dancing among them and they feared me.