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the infamous waterfall incident.

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Maroon jeans and green coat

Learn more about ** This outfit for hiking (except a different top) and with a hat...

all black workout outfit >>> cuz the best way to kick ass is in black XP


Dress for adventure, explore, hiking, It looks like the scene in an adventure novel where the protagonist realises they have this epic quest ahead of them, but they're so daunted by the prospect of it that they can't even take the first step.

Tatra Mountains - A view from Kościelec by Karol Majewski on Flickr.

Tatry - a view from Kościelec by Karol Majewski

very durable and useful Herschel Backpack for travel

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I always like to dress like I'm going to the woods because that is my favorite place on this earth

Currently road tripping 🇺🇸🇨🇦 with my buddies and Incredibly grateful for the life I am living, the great friendships made during the last couple of months and all the memories.

gotta remember to look for a backpack like that for school next year...

Travel style >> Love the backpack!

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Planning a camping trip or going on an outdoor adventure? This look is perfect: jacket, flannel, jeans, boots, and carefree hair!

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Hiking Dreams and Inspiration

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I'm afraid I have a restless soul. but I'm afraid yours is a warm living room with a fire crackling and a chair big enough for two. I'm afraid my nomad heart found a place it didn't want to leave when I met you.

“The less I needed, the better I felt.” — 	 Charles Bukowski

dat backpack do

Neutrals pop graduation inspiration

Anna // Mountain View High School Class of 2018, Bogus Basin Senior Session- Boise Senior Photographer

Anna // Mountain View High School Class of Bogus Basin Senior Session- Boise Senior Photographer Makayla Madden Photography

florence claveau roy

Cool angle but I wish it was lighter and she was half smiling

Pinterest: meerilouhivuori ♡ Instagram: meerilouhivuori ✨

Pinterest: meerilouhivuori ♡ Instagram: meerilouhivuori ✨