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Mulher fotografa suposto Lobisomem no Dia da Lua Azul(Cheia)

This another picture that has been around along time. It makes me wonder.

Surveillance Cameras Capture: CREATURE (ALIEN) in Hospital?

Energia que não se apaga com o tempo Ghost Pictures: Grandfather Ghost Picture

Look between the knees of the second and third person on the left. there is a little ghost boy!

The team chose the particular spot in Stanley Palace, pictured above, because a man report...

Real Ghost Pictures: The Lost Little Boy In The Old Elementary School

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Some of the Most Haunted Insane Asylums on Earth

Florida Paranormal: 5 of the Most Haunted Places in the Sunshine State

Dog walker who took a photo of her barking dog was not expecting to to see this

Spooks: Eerie photo seems to show ghosts of couple and dog:http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/pictured-ghost-couple-walking-dog-6738320

Abby Borden hacked to death, the home is now a bed and breakfast.

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