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Now i get why God left...

There is so much going on here. Chuck's children are acting out, and he's turning a blind eye, Matt's got his shirt off.


Mark Sheppard, Sebastian Roche, Misha Collins, and Matt Cohen. Mark is just like "why do I work with these people?

Jensen & Jared impersonating Fangirls. So funny and cute. They love their fans.

Funny pictures about Imitating Supernatural fangirls. Oh, and cool pics about Imitating Supernatural fangirls. Also, Imitating Supernatural fangirls.

...but it is not this day. ~ #SPN #Supernatural Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester

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He looks so fab in this like yes team jensen will never die lol Like I just had a flash of Christian Grey

god, adam<<< Lmao what’s with the Mac and cheese<<< I CANT BREATHE HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND NAMED dEAN BUT HIS BOYFRIEND IS LUCIFER

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~ Gabriel is not a bad boy damnit!✊ He's to cute I mean he's a very , very bad little boy and he needs to be punished if you understand!✌ << Cas has a girlfriend named Dean, but his boyfriend is Lucifer who jumps on a moose