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There is no recipe at this site...but love the simple idea of whipped cream and a sliced strawberry on a meringue...beautiful

Meringue topped with whipped cream and strawberries # fingerfood # partyfood # brunch rhs

Summer Fruit Tart | 17 Fruity Desserts To Try This Spring

17 Fruity Desserts To Try This Spring

To-die-for Summer Fruit Tart made with Puff Pastry, a layer of lime flavoured sweet cream cheese, sweet peaches and abundant fresh berries!

New York cheesecake con noce di cocco e lamponi per #unlamponelcuore

New York cheesecake con noce di cocco e lamponi per


13 Things I Found on the Internet Today (Vol. XCII)

The Ultimate Crostini Station: Want an app that will blow your weekend guests away completely? The answer is surprisingly simple: a colorful landscape of varied crostini, including tart passion fruit cups and lima bean hummus.


Great idea to freeze popsicle in ice-cube tray. Can easily break it into smaller squares for a lower calorie sweet treat.

Great presentation                                                              ...

Great presentation ...

Raspberries ~ My Grandmother had a garden that probably had every imaginable fruit or vegetable. These beauties remind me of her asking me to go out to the garden and get some raspberries.

doughnuts  with berry glaze

Doughnuts with Berry Glaze

(English) These easy cookie candies and the traditional German cinnamon star cookies (Zimtsterne) both make wonderful vegan holiday gifts.