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Zuchinnis chips- watch closely as might start burning after 15 mins ! Mine stayed moist but yummy !

Colgante Slyterin

Colgante Slyterin

BIGBANG EVOLUTION // G-Dragon ,Daesung ,TOP ,Seungri , and Taeyang - 7 Fantastic Years of BIGBANG ♡

the evolution of bigbang so glad TaeYang got rid of his braids ugh! All kpop idol groups seem to have a phase where at least one member gets the absolute worst haircut in history lol

B1A4 everyone looks cool... And then there's the one at the bottom..


I like how Jinyoung, CNU, Baro and Sandeul are all smooth and sexy, and then you have Gongchan beaming like a kid who got ice cream after his bedtime.

Wanna-One - Jaehwan and Jisung

Wanna-One - Jaehwan and Jisung

Baro from B1A4 and Mino from Winner having a momentary identity crisis

Baro from and Mino from Winner having a momentary identity crisis

Sandeul, is everything okay there? Bwahahahaha!

trying to explain kpop

[MAGAZINE] B1A4 Baro – Elle Korea Magazine October Issue ‘14 1198x1550

Baro Настоящее имя: Чха Сон У 차선우 Ча Сон У Cha Sun Woo - 비원에이포 – Elle Korea Magazine October Issue



Channie sweety how many times must I remind you food goes in your mouth not you eye lol

(top to bottom) CNU, Jinyoung, Sandeul, Baro, Gongchan.

Day 21: Sandeul eating again,...he is just adorable. #lunicornchallenge

Sandeul eating again ~ awww baby face!

161008 DMC Festival <MBC Korean Music Wave- 인피니트 INFINITE Myungsoo

DMC Festival, I love his mysterious aura ❤

He makes me appreciate corny comments

Makes me wanna join them in just two pictures. Well, another thing to suck my life away

B1A4 - @ Star1 Magazine September Issue ‘14

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