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Artist Jill Sylvia creates intricate architectural models made from hand-cut ledger paper.

using ledger paper as her medium, the american artist re-creates significant U. buildings as a means of exploring society's serial structure, financial architecture, capital as an ungrounded sign and value in general.

“ New York Stock Exchange, Federal Hall / Jill Sylvia Sculptures of significant US buildings made by intricately cut ledger paper.

another paper structure

another paper structure

Jill Sylvia

The American artist Jill Sylvia is a woman full of patience and concentration. She creates with her talent Three-Dimensional Paper Architectures to represent fa

Carlos Meira Ilustrador

Brazil based artist Carlos Meira makes these superb paper sculptures that make it very difficult to not be impressed.

DIY Origami Container: How to Fold a Paper Container to Hold Knick Knacks

How to Fold a Paper Container to Hold Knick Knacks

Need something quick to hold coins and knick knacks? Use a square paper to fold this container. This storage container is practical and useful to hold small items such as screws, buttons, coins, etc.

Sipho Mabona 成功摺出了同等於真實大小的大象作品。一張15 平方公尺的超級巨大白紙、10 幾個人的團隊、四個星期,才把這隻約莫 3 公尺高的大象完成,而且執行作業時還得找個大空地才能製作,並且途中利用各式各樣的工具輔助才漸漸完成。 | ㄇㄞˋ點子靈感創意誌

Professional origami artist Sipho Mabona folds a life-size elephant from a single sheet of 50 ft x 50 ft x 15 meter) paper.

fold-out paper rings by talented designers Tithi Kutchamuch and NUTRE ARAYAVANISH -THAILAND/UK

bijoux papier fold out paper rings bye talented designers tithi kutchamunch and nutre arayavanish

So awesome!!         Poroscape, Seoul, South Korea -- Younghan Chung of Studio Archiholic

on the corner of insadong road within the retail district of seoul, korea is 'poroscape', a structure dedicated to clothes, designed by korean architect younghan chung.

organic paper structures

organic paper structures